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In The Know Episode 7: How to Achieve Better Customer Experiences with Machine Learning (Brian Bell Jr., DataRobot)

Todd Stewart
March 20, 2017
Brian Bell Jr. - DataRobot -  In The Know Dispatch Podcast
‍Brian Bell Jr.

In this episode, we're interviewing Brian Bell Jr., the Lead Software Engineer & Team Manager of Data Science at DataRobot - a machine learning platform for data scientists to build accurate predictive models in a fraction of the time that it takes today. This is a revolutionary offering that experts are saying could fundamentally change the data science field for good.

In this episode we discuss:

1. Machine learning vs data science…what’s the difference? 
2. What types of business challenges are best addressed with data science and machine learning?
3. What are the most effective machine learning techniques? 
4. How can machine learning and predictive analytics affect customer experiences?
5. What is the biggest misconception people have about data science and predictive modeling?
6. Real-world examples of how data science and machine learning have increased revenue, reduced costs and improved key metrics for enterprises? 
7. How can you deliver better customer experiences with machine learning and predictive analytics?

Without any further ado, please welcome today’s guest, Brian Bell Jr.


How to get in contact and learn more about Brian:

Email Brian at
Check out his blog at

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Todd Stewart

Marketing at Dispatch. Adjunct communication professor at Bryant University. Instructor at General Assembly. Former marketing leader at Catalant Technologies and WHOOP.

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